Old blind dog rescued after plummeting down 23-foot storm drain

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In Udon Thani, Thailand, an old, blind dog was rescued on New Year’s Day after plummeting down a 23-foot storm drain. Fortunately he was able to catch his balance on a small piece of wood.

According to UsfNews, the dog’s barking from the drain alerted a Good Samaritan who searched for the dog and notified a rescue organization.

Area residents stated the drainage cover had been broken and left open for two days. It was hoped the issue would be resolved before anything happened to people or more pets.

Check out the heartwarming video. Never be discouraged and remember angels do walk the Earth.

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  1. dinosmom says:

    Nice rescue up until the part where they put him back on the street to fend for himself and get hit by a car.
    What a country.


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