dog saved from hot car

Officer saves dog from interior of 105-degree car

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A observant police officer rescued a dog who was suffering inside of a 105-degree car which was parked at a Southwick, Massachusetts, shopping center. The Southwick Police Department recounted how the dog rescue took place:

This vehicle was located by a patrol officer in a parking lot this morning here in town. While patrolling in the area, Officer Malone observed this little guy with his nose pressed against the window that was left down an inch or so….

It was 79 degrees outside, but the temperature inside of the car registered a sweltering 105-degrees. Officer Malone pulled the dog to safety and then waited for the owner to return from shopping. The department wrote:

Officer Malone educated the owner on how quickly the temperature inside a vehicle can rise and how cracking one or even all of the windows does nothing or very little at most to control the temperature in the vehicle.

The dog owner claimed that she loved her dog and that she didn’t know any better. The authorities stated:

Almost every encounter police officers have with pet owners all hear the same story in how much they love their animals and would never do anything to harm them which, for the most part is absolutely true, however, leaving your pet inside a vehicle, parked in a parking lot during the warmer months of the year is unknowingly one of the most harmful things you can do to your pet. It only takes minutes for temperatures to rise to the level of putting your beloved pet in great danger.

Adding a few words of potentially life-saving wisdom:

Just about every dog loves to go for a ride in the car but, if you are running errands and have stops planned, please, for the love of your pet, leave them home.

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