North Carolina woman sentenced to 2 years in prison for animal cruelty

In Charleston, South Carolina, a woman has been sentenced to two years in prison after found guilty of animal cruelty. A jury took two hours to decide Nakida Gathers was guilty of one count of felony animal cruelty for the ill treatment of animals.

According to AbcNews, eight emaciated and sick dogs were found  at a Niagara Street home in North Charleston in January 2017. One other dog was discovered dead. The Charleston Animal Society seized the animals and started veterinarian treatment immediately. The investigation was directed by the North Charleston Police Department.

One of the dogs named Cappuccino was not expected to survive. When discovered, his gums were white, he needed a blood transfusion and his body temperature had been so low, it didn’t even register.

“What we found really was worms, intestinal parasites, just completely infested so he was literally being eaten from the inside out,” stated CAS Director of Anti-Cruelty & Outreach Aldwin Roman.

Many of the dogs have since been adopted.

Gathers is serving a suspended sentence with credit for time served. She will be on probation for two years and has been ordered to serve 150 hours of community service.

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