Neapolitan Mastiff in danger of being euth’ed has left the building

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in Moreno Valley, California, a six-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff mix had been given one last extension to live until noon on Friday. Neither of the two rescue organizations that had been in the realm of possibilities had been able to formulate a plan to ensure his success.

Fortunately, on Thursday, the dog has left the shelter and is on his way to a short term boarding facility. Rescuers have been juggling the details all morning – stopping for necessary vaccinations and a veterinarian examination.As can be seen, it was necessary to use a catch pole; not hard to realize this was a miracle rescue effort.

Described as a “blue and white” this big guy had been at the shelter since March 13. He had not been out of his kennel and had been deemed human aggressive by the shelter. He came in on a catch pole (as a stray in the field) and despite their best efforts, the staff was not able to get him out of his kennel. He lunged at the kennel whenever anyone approached or if he doesn’t like the treat offered.

There have been a few changes however, since this boy’s story first appeared on Pet Rescue Report earlier this week. The following video shows someone from the shelter worked with him.

Even though the video does promise some hope for his behavior, he continued to be “rescue only” and needed to go to someone experienced in dealing with behavioral problems and needs to be in the hands of an appropriate trainer. Please note he is in the care of a breed specific rescue organization that will be able to give him the correct training.

This dog cannot be set up to fail.

More details and photos to follow later today. Many thanks for everyone’s help. Yes, he is a beautiful dog, but his special needs have been extremely challenging. Why not rescue another dog in need from you local shelter in honor of all the work that went into this special pooch?

Please note Pet Rescue Report is not the contact point for this dog. All information is provided above.

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