Mule deer found dead at border wall shows detrimental impact on wildlife

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In a viral photo released on Monday, showing a mule deer dead along the border wall in Lukeville, Arizona has sparked outrage, demonstrating the detrimental environmental impacts on wildlife.

The mule deer have historically migrated between Arizona and Mexico during the hot months as temperatures spiral – foraging for food and water heading to the agricultural fields in Mexico. According to the Phoenix New Times, the photo was taken near the Lomitas Ranch and published on Twitter by an unknown government source who “works in the borderlands and is down there every day” according to Laiken Jordahl, a spokesman for the Tucson based Center for Biological Diversity.

Center for Biological Diversity
“This is what happens when you build a wall in the wild. Ancient wildlife migrations are severed. Access to critical resources like water, food and shelter are cut off. This mule deer buck was found dead yesterday — trapped by the wall — in the hottest month of the year.”

The mule deer was likely killed from a “vehicle strike” by a passing border patrol or construction vehicle driving along the wall. Wildlife is accustomed to seasonal changes, but when they find the massive wall in their paths, their habitats are divided into two during the severe drought and temperature changes.

Laiken Jordahl
“Mule deer, bighorn & endangered pronghorn have crossed the “border” at Organ Pipe unimpeded for millennia. But this year, for the first time, a metal mass cuts the landscape in two. This buck was found dead yesterday–trapped by the wall–in the hottest month of the year.”
The border wall in southern Arizona has faced regular criticism for its environmental impacts.
On Monday,  the Trump administration took another step closer to opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling oil and gas. The plan would open up 1.56 million acres of land along the Alaska’s northern Beaufort Sea coast – home to polar bears, caribous and other wildlife.
(Photo via Twitter Laiken Jordahl and Center for Biological Diversity)

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3 replies
  1. Mick says:

    Oh look at the poor dead deer, come on people it’s left-wing immigration politics. You see a lot more of that laying at the side of the road on any interstate throughout the country. The wildlife will adapt to the wall. Enough with the chicken little crap!

  2. dinosmom says:

    Give me a break. Deer are hit by cars all the time all over the place. If the illegals stayed in their country we would not need to build a wall. But they do not, so we have to.


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