Missing dog burned in house fire found 6 days later

In Middletown, Ohio, a dog that escaped from a burning home on Winton Street has been found six days later after she disappeared. The dog underwent surgery and is currently in the care of Joseph’s Legacy Animal Rescue.

The Australian shepherd, named Little Bit escaped the house fire that killed multiple other pets. When the dog was found, the owners were contacted and everyone met at the veterinarian’s office. Little Bit suffered burns to more than 50 percent of her body.

“On her back she has 3 burns that are small enough to remove the necrotic tissue and stitch those areas up. The doctor believes those 3 spots will heal on their own.

Her back right leg is really bad but the doctor thinks if it is kept moist that the skin cells may grow back. The burns are too big to close up surgically. The leg will need bandage changes every 3 days. Given it’s so bad, the doctor did say she may need surgery on the leg once it heals a little bit.

On her right ear all of the skin is gone on top, the doctor needs to remove most of her right ear. The left ear isn’t as bad but needs all edges removed.

Her face is worst of all her injuries. They cannot bandage her face, they will need to keep ointment on, keep it from getting any more dry than it already is and keep clean. She is not in best condition as she’s thin now from the 6 days on her own in very bad shape. She is fighting sepsis (Bacterial Infection of the blood)…”

Little Bit will also be seen by an opthalmologist to examine her eyes. At this time she cannot blink because her eyelids are burned.

The dog’s update on Thursday shows her condition has improved slightly, however her prognosis remains guarded.

“Doctor was able to the removals needed on the ears as she planned. Her back is all cleaned up, debrided but one may need debrided again.

Cleaned up the other wounds but did not do the leg yet because she was under so long. She’ll give her a day and get the leg done Saturday probably.

They are going to add a special gel for her face, to work on her burns.

Doctor also put a feeding tube in. Thankfully her blood pressure and blood work look good so far!!
1:00 update: Dr Schwartz just called and they backed her meds down a little so she’s more alert so she will be able to have surgery step one today. They will also place a gastric tube in so she will get some much needed calories in her.”

Her medical bills are expected to cost between $6,300 to $11,500.

Her family lost everything in the fire, and Little Bit continues to fight for her life.

To Donate:
Mail: PO Box 3 Middletown OH 45042
PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/JosephsLegacy
Credit Card: http://www.josephslegacyrescue.org/donations.html

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