Microchipped dog who ran away after head-on collision found

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A California rescue organization has identified and will soon be returning a lost dog on Friday that had been missing for two weeks disappearing near the California Redland’s area.

According to Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, Curtis and his dog, Bubba had always been inseparable; that is until a nearly fatal accident occurred and another vehicle plowed head-on into their car. Bubba escaped, but authorities had no idea where he went. Curtis was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and suffered a severe brain bleed. He mourned the loss of his dog – thinking something terrible had happened to Bubba and his best friend had died.

Curtis had microchipped his dog, and his aunt, in tears, called Avid, the microchip company, hoping for a miracle. Maybe someone found Bubba?

Meanwhile unknown to his family, Bubba had been hiding in a field and was being fed by the owners of a taco truck who parked in the same area daily. When rescue volunteers Faith Easdale, Jim Ralston and others were told of the stray pup, who cried and barked continuously; likely calling for his owner.

A plan to capture the dog was made:

“Linda Bourke and I sat out there until midnight after the taco stand closed and knew Bubba would be searching for leftovers,” Faith wrote on her social media page.

“And we were so happy when we had him in our trap. Please always microchip your animals. This is one of those miracles. And we were honored to be part of it. He’s actually a little chunky – tacos can do that!”

Curtis doesn’t know his dog has been found yet. He is currently in rehab. We all bet it will be a wonderful moment when his aunt tells him Bubba has been found and is safe.

What a happy ending!



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