Man who tortured neighbor’s dogs, including gouging out an eye and beating with a bat, released early from jail

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A man who brutally tortured his neighbors’ dogs has been released early from jail. As reported by NBC San Diego, David Herbert was behind bars for gouging out a husky’s eye, pouring acid on another husky, and brutally beating a golden retriever with a bat – he was supposed to serve eight years and eight months in prison, but he is already out because of the coronovirus population-reduction program.

It was Michelle Plaketta’s golden retriever who was bludgeoned to death by Herbert, and she tells NBC that she is terrified of what Herbert may do to her family now that he is free. She said:

In the last 24 hours, I have not slept. I have not been able to eat. I fear that somebody will break into my home to hurt my children. When he was still out on bail, I was always looking over my shoulder.

Maria Morales was another neighbor whose dogs suffered at Herbert’s hands – one of her husky’s, Estrella, had her eye gouged out and her other husky was injured when the man threw acid in her face. Morales described the attack as something you might see in a horror movie.

The police involved in Herbert’s arrest, and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, have stated that they were not consulted about Herbert’s early release from prison.

(Images via screenshot NBC 7 News and CBS 8 News)

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3 replies
  1. Mary says:

    wtf. This is why he should have stayed locked up. He’s never going to be anything other than a worthless piece of shit. Shoot the son of a bitch dead since the law can’t do what needs to be done. Cut one finger at a time off gouge his fucking eyeballs out then after he’s suffered for a while kill the mf

    • Animals#1 says:

      Agree with Mary 100 %. This country should worry about the victims not the criminals. Eye for eye is the only justice for victims. They deserve to suffer the same pain and die the same way as victims animal or human. No excuses. Eye for an eye, amen.

  2. Jan Barnes says:



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