Man shot German shepherd twice ‘to shut him up now’

In Spalding County, Georgia, a man drove to a neighbor’s home and shot at a German shepherd three times – hitting the dog twice and saying “maybe that will shut him up now.” The two homes are within a third of a mile from each other.

According to AJCNews, Allen Cossitt Glover, 41, drove to a home on Line Creek Road on May 9 and shot the dog through a fence. After fleeing in a white pickup truck, the suspect told authorities he hoped the incident would quiet the dog down. The dog, whose name is Lazer, suffered injuries to his mouth and rib cage.

Glover said he had complained numerous times about the dog’s barking but nothing had been done and now it was “starting to mess with his head.”

The 73-year-old owner of Lazer rushed his dog to a veterinary hospital where surgery was performed. Fragments from two 9mm bullets still remain in the dog who may need additional surgery. A GoFundMe page has been set up and Lazer has a long path to recovery.

Glover has been charged with felony animal cruelty, trespassing and reckless conduct. Bail was set at $11,000.

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is why when your dog starts to bark and keeps barking you bring them in the house. There are too many gun happy nut jobs out there that will think nothing of shooting your dog. This POS claims to have confronted the owner about the barking numerous times and yet the owner of the dog didn’t know who it was that shot Lazer? If the owner wasn’t doing anything about the annoying barking, then a call to animal control should have been the next step, not shooting the dog! Speedy recovery Lazer. .

  2. Tana Taylor says:

    My own dogs “drive me crazy” when they will not stop barking, so after checking to see why they might be barking, I most certainly bring them inside to try to keep them from disturbing neighbors as well. Barking is part of being a dog, just like claws are part of being a cat — have worked at vet clinics over 30 yrs & believe de-barking or de-clawing is detrimental to the animals & inhumane. This man, however, should NOT have “taken matters into his own hands”. Article says he complained numerous times, but does not say to whom. He should have calmly discussed with neighbor first, then animal control (& in the absence of having an animal control in area, the police should have been called as barking can be considered “disturbance of the peace”. — although far too many police officers get trigger happy with dogs too). By this man’s own confession, if his head is that seriously easily messed with, then he will eventually end up shooting other animals & possibly progress to humans. Bless you, Lazer. You did nothing wrong. Prayers for complete healing. Wish I had extra money to donate. Sorry.

  3. Jan Barnes says:



  4. Vicki G says:

    This dog was left outside 24/7 and was probably lonely. How sad the owner who’s 73 didn’t have the sense to keep this poor soul inside. Prayers he does now. The shooter needs to serve time- what if their was a child nearby?


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