Lonely dolphin dies by herself in abandoned aquarium pool

Lonely dolphin dies
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A lonely dolphin, living by herself in an abandoned aquarium pool in Japan, has died. According to the Dolphin Project, the bottlenose dolphin, named Honey, was alone at a small tank at the Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium, outside of Tokyo, when she passed away from poor health.

Honey was captured in 2005 and then sentenced to a dismal existence in captivity. Her plight became public in the fall of 2018 when Japanese animal rights activists captured footage of her alone in the small aquarium pool. The aquarium had been shuttered months earlier and Honey, along with some penguins, were left behind.

Honey suffered from a variety of maladies during her time alone – from sunburns on her skin, to stress and loneliness resulting from her ongoing isolation. Honey’s loneliness ended when she died on March 29.

Honey was not the only dolphin to suffer in silence. The Dolphin Project writes:

Sadly, her situation isn’t unique. Dolphin Project has encountered dolphins in the United States, South Korea, Haiti, Indonesia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Brazil whom were all in similar situations as Honey. In many instances, we were able to successfully rehabilitate and re-release these mammals.

Learn more about Honey, and how you can help others in similar situations, at this link to the Dolphin Project.

(Image via screenshot/Dolphin Project)

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  1. Sad beyond words…… absolutely disgusting that this poor precious treasure was left alone to die…… she should have been transferred to an appropriate facility to live out her life.


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