Man who brutally beat dog skips jail time

Judge lets man who brutally beat his dog skip jail time

A man who brutally beat his young dog, leaving the pup with lifelong physical problems, will not spend any time in jail. According to multiple sources, 20-year-old Abdulrazzaq Mustafa, who was born in Iraq, admitted that he slammed his dog, Champ, to the ground multiple times, and he pleaded guilty to second-degree torture of an animal, but Judge James Jamo sentenced him to just three years of probation.

The abuse left young Champ with a shattered femur which had to be “pieced together” like a puzzle. Mustafa’s girlfriend stated that the puppy was “routinely” beaten by her boyfriend. But the severity of the pup’s injuries, and the girlfriend’s statement about ongoing abuse, were not enough to secure a prison sentence from the judge.

As reported by WILX News, Mustafa was also charged with domestic violence after Champ was taken in at the Capital Area Humane Society; the charge was inexplicably dismissed. Champ’s abuser has expressed regret for his abusive behavior and prosecutors stated that they did not recommend jail time because they wanted to see him get “a second chance.”

Champ is recuperating from physical and emotional trauma at a foster home.


(Booking photo of Mustafa)


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  1. Sylvia Narvaez says:

    Police departments and judges don’t do anything at all to animal abusers …oh yes just a gentle slap on the wrist.


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