Indiana woman charged with animal cruelty trying to neuter her own dog

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An Indiana woman faces a felony animal cruelty charge after authorities allege she tried to neuter her own dog. Kimberly Oldham, 62, from Portage, was arrested on Sunday after using dental floss tied around the dog’s testicles because she was unable to afford the procedure at a veterinarian’s office.

According to the NwiTimes, Oldham decided to castrate her three-year-old terrier-chihuahua after receiving complaints from her neighbors about the dog. She told police someone advised her to secure the dog’s testicles with an elastic band, and they would fall off if done correctly.

The following morning Oldham found her dog in excruciating pain; it had been chewing on where his testicles had been and was bleeding out. The owner was truly upset about her dog’s condition, and explained to police she never meant to harm her dog – she just didn’t have the money to get him neutered at a vet.

The dog was rushed to an emergency veterinarian and underwent surgery to correct the botched job. The dog is recuperating and will be made available for adoption.

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  1. Oh my…folks, PLEASE learn from her mistake. If U OR anyone ELSE u know is in financial dire straights, reach out to local animal shelters, A/C for UR county, humane societies, rescues, etc. MOST organizations have funds to help w/what she needed done to be fair to neighbors AND serves to help w/the dog’s OWN HEALTH. Recently, I intentionally reported my neighbors to A/C, DON’T prejudge this, read ALL. They’re poverty stricken, he works every chance he gets, she stays at home caring for 3 dogs and 2 children, tidies up outside almost every day. They dearly LOVE those dogs, but cannot afford neutering, one dog is hyper, so I called A/C, shared the same w/him, along w/the excessive barking from hyper dog. The deputy understood, went out gave them some pointers on keeping them from getting out of the yard and because of specific reference to barking, he offered them a FREE neuter certificate for ALL 3 dogs. Great ending for EVERYONE. We ALL need help, just because it may have to involve authorities, does NOT mean it has to be negative.


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