‘I’m NOT’ so many things, and now I will likely die

Dog will be put down
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My name is Rosa and I will likely die soon because of the many things that I am not. I am not young, and I am not old. I am not purebred. I am not injured. I am not a dog with a sad image. I am not too scared to move.  I am not oddly deformed and I am not strikingly beautiful. I am not unique.

I am a middle-aged, mixed breed dog who unfortunately happens to be black (yep, black dog syndrome is an unfortunate and real thing). Because of all my “nots” I am invisible and because I am invisible, I will likely be quietly walked to the back room of this busy Texas animal control facility and my life will be ended – no fanfare, no tears. I will simply no longer be alive, as if I never mattered at all to this world.

You can help change Rosa’s fate by networking her adoption information. Time is of the essence – though she has only been at the San Antonio Animal Care Services facility since February 2, she is already listed as “urgent.” Urgent means that she can be put down at any moment.

SAPA Urgents & Adoptables writes:

Rosa is a sweetheart who appears to have been on her own for some time. She is a love bug who enjoys pets and cuddles. Will you give her the TLC she’s been missing out on? Rosa is around 6 years old, weighs 37 lbs and is spayed.

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, visit:
San Antonio Animal Care Services
Ask for information about animal ID number: A565178

Questions regarding adoptions: Email [email protected] or call 210-207-6666.

Questions regarding foster or rescue: Email [email protected] or call 210-207-6669.

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  1. I feel so badly for this precious treasure… I am too far away in Washington to foster her.

    I hope someone local can open their heart and home to this precious treasure: who will know she was rescued and share her love at every opportunity!!!

    If anyone wants to know: I can state that we have a rescue blind black dog and he is our spoiled rotten baby!!! He LOVES his mommy and insists that my lap is his!!! He is a first class snuggle buddy!!!


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