horse injured

Horse injured after allegedly being dragged by a truck

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A horse named Shelby suffered injuries after allegedly being dragged behind a truck driven by a trainer. As reported by KMOV News, Shannon Dawes sent her horse to Leah Godat, a trainer in Bismark, Missouri.

Just a week later, the horse had serious wounds on her body. Dawes said, “We was just absolutely appalled. We were appalled.”

Shortly thereafter, Dawes viewed video of Shelby tethered to a truck and running down a gravel road. A witness, who wants to remain anonymous, tells the news agency that Shelby fell several times while running behind the truck. The woman said that Shelby fell three times and the truck never stopped.

The trainer responded to the news agency’s inquiry and claims that Shelby was simply being moved, not trained. In a text message to KMOV, the trainer stated:

First of all, this was not a method of training this was a way of rotating pastures. And second of all, there’s a lot of people who move horses like that or by car or four-wheeler. She’s a wild mustang if you want my side talk to the humane society.”

Another trainer, and a veterinarian, have stated tethering a horse to a moving vehicle should never happen. Dr. Robson tells KMOV:

You would never, ever exercise a horse, train a horse or even teach it a lesson by tying it to a vehicle and doing this. It’s just plain stupid.

Shelby’s injuries were serious, but she is expected to recover. The incident is under investigation by the Missouri Humane Society and St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department.

(Screenshots via KMOV News)

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This trainer is full of it. NEVER would we expect our horses to run behind a truck…….

    We have walked our horses, up to 3 at a time, from one paddock to another……

    When we move our horses from stable to stable, they are moved in a special horse trailer hitched to a large suv or truck.


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