Horribly neglected Chow Chow hit by car and waited for help to arrive

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In Central Arkansas, a horribly neglected Chow Chow showed up at a house a few days ago as if to ask for help. The rescuer who found him on Saturday thinks he may have been hit by a car because he was limping badly.

According to Rocky Ridge Refuge, the emaciated dog was picked up and his recovery has started. Animal advocate Janice Wolf shared photos of the dog, describing how he was full of fleas, ticks and appeared weak and anemic. His eyes are infected and cloudy – likely the result of having been neglected when his eyes required surgery earlier in his life.

Later in the afternoon, the dog dubbed Linus, underwent a spa day. After having been shaved down to eliminate the matting, it was heartbreaking to see how emaciated he was and the lack of muscle. His neck was already bare of fur; likely from a collar rubbing and being chained outdoors all of his life.

After having been cleaned up, he was put into a pen for a few minutes to relieve himself; fortunately he appears to be doing well.

“Before Missy left she got a last pic. Photos are not showing the bad cloudiness in both eyes. His vision is quite compromised and he sees just a bit around the edges. This is all from the fact that this dog was neglected from puppyhood. The severe Entropion in both eyes needed surgery at a young age to insure his eyes were not damaged and if not done is very painful and causes chronic ulceration and eventually blindness. It is common in some breeds and certainly Chows and Shar Peis. Linus has suffered all his life.”

Linus is being given small meals several times a day to get his body used to eating again. He seems to like other dogs and is very friendly and calm.

Sadly, this poor boy must have suffered all his life. On Monday, he will be examined by the organization’s partner veterinarian. Updates to be provided, but meanwhile – welcome Linus.

To donate to Linus’ medical expenses and care, click here.

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