Help needed: Friendly shelter dog escaped through a hole in play yard

In Downey, California, an eight-year-old bloodhound escaped from a hole in the play yard at the Los Angeles County Dept Animal Care & Control Downey Shelter on Monday. The public is being asked to keep an eye out for the friendly pooch and contact the shelter.

Duke arrived at the shelter on May 1 and has a line of adopters who would love for him to become part of their family.

Shelter information:

“This boy came in stray over the counter. He weighs 84 lbs and is not microchipped. He received a behavior rating of 1 – the best – from staff because he is quiet and easy to handle. He has serious discharge and cloudy lens in both eyes and his teeth are worn down (like a backyard dog who chewed on rock and chain link for mental stimulation). He has a CTA and 3 IP’s (the most currently allowed) and all are believed to be private parties. The CTA has an appointment 5/5 to meet the dog and decide if they will or will not take him. If they do not take the dog, the shelter will call the next person on the list and so on. For those of you who do not know: SHELTERS IN SO CA ARE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. EVERYTHING IS DONE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. WE CANNOT CURRENTLY WALK INTO A SHELTER, BROWSE THE ANIMALS AND ADOPT ONE ON THE SPOT.”

Please note – Duke is not in danger of being euthanized, and anyone who might have found him is asked to return him to the shelter so he may be micro-chipped and adopted.

An animal advocate in touch with the shelter reported the following:

“… I spoke with shelter staff. Apparently, this boy was out in a yard and he found a hole in the fence and booked out of there! She said he was quite spry today. They were chasing him around but unable to re-capture him. They are still on the lookout for him.”

Please share Duke’s plight with social media contacts, family and friends. Someone may have seen him. Follow his story here. (Note: Dog is not listed on PetHarbor)

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