Heartbreaking: Young husky with massive growth on her face not treatable

In San Antonio, Texas, a four-year-old Siberian husky was found as a stray with a massive growth on her head and face. The invasive tumor covered her eyes and had grown into her mouth.

When her photos appeared on social media, animal advocates wanted more for the dog than to be euthanized at a high kill shelter alone and frightened; they wanted to give her a chance. Maybe medical intervention could save her  life?

On Tuesday evening, “Serenity” was rescued and transferred to Dallas Dog -Rescue, Rehab.Reform. Accompanied by a representative from the rescue organization, she headed to a specialist who had made special arrangements for her late arrival. After comprehensive examinations and testing on Wednesday, the heartbreaking news brought tears to everyone. The tumor is invasive, and it is in her bones face, up into her skull and in her mouth.

“Serenity presented to ADC Critical Care for further evaluation of mass encompassing the entire face. We performed aspirates of the mass and have submitted slides to ZN labs for evaluation. In house cytology is
consistent with a malignancy with severe secondary necrosis and inflammation.

There was no evidence of transmissible venereal tumor on aspirates, which would be the most treatable of tumors in this location. In the absence of TVT, treatment
options are limited. Surgery is not an option due to the extensive local spread. Definitive radiation therapy (stereotactic radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy, or clinical definitive therapy) is not recommended due to the degree of bony destruction. If the tumor experienced a robust response to
radiation and shrunk we would be left with a mass tissue deficit that would severely inhibit quality of life. Palliative radiation therapy could be considered to decrease inflammation, but may only extend her life for a few weeks.”

On Thursday, Serenity has an appointment to be bathed and groomed; she is covered in fleas and ticks. At the very least, this will make her more comfortable. She will not be put in any position to make her feel uncomfortable. At this time, Serenity is eating and drinking, and the doctors are all in agreement to take her out and spoil her.

 “I have few words as I just can not imagine how someone allowed her to get this bad over the last year. How did she survive on her own? How did no one help her ? I am at a loss my heart is broken!,” the organization posted. Who does?

We are all so sorry that you were let down Serenity.

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