Heartbreaking details of Detroit dog shot and killed in its own fenced yard

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In Detroit, the heartbreaking details of the dog shot and killed by a police officer in its own fenced yard continues to garner attention. According to the police, the K9 accompanied by his handler had been searching for a ditched on the city’s east side last week when the situation with a homeowner’s dog occurred.

According to Fox News, the images from the police officer’s body camera showed the white dog named Chino clamp down on the K9’s muzzle as the dog walked too close to the fence. Officers had asked the dog’s owner to secure the pets, but Chino paid no attention and rushed to the fence in obvious defense of his own property.

DPD Chief James Craig stated the officer tried to separate the dogs, but was concerned for the welfare of her K9 partner and then shot Chino in the head.

Shortly after the incident, the rescue organization Detroit Pit Crew was called to help Chino.

We have been receiving a number of messages and calls about a situation which occurred on August 3rd. We were called to a scene regarding a dog named Chino that had been shot and was critically injured. We rushed to the location and transported the dog to an emergency veterinary hospital and despite our best efforts he wasn’t able to be saved. Recently a video was posted which had been of the video surveillance of what lead up to the shooting of this dog. We were heartbroken to see what ultimately lead to the death of Chino. Rest easy Chino and know that you will not be forgotten.

Detroit police have defended the shooting of Chino stating the family’s fence was too close to the sidewalk according to a city ordinance. Animal advocates contend the officer should have had better control of the K9. Dogs of any breed can be naturally aggressive when another dog approaches their property.

The police K9 suffered an injury to his snout and mouth and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ultimately, a dog lost his life, and it was all due to human errors. We are sorry Chino you had to lose your life just because you were protecting what you thought was your own territory.

The case is being reviewed by the Professional Standards Department and will be turned over to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for review. Rest in peace Chino. Click here to see the video.

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3 replies
  1. Cody says:

    I’ll fight the cop that did this hes a fucking coward and makes all the hood cops look bad. There was no justified killing of that dog. And to have that justified by the fence being to close is bull shit and the head of the pd knows that. I’ll fight you both come get me ask me for my info fucking bey you wont

  2. critter says:

    This crap needs to stop the k9 officer needs to be in jail fired or fine…. the chief of police needs to lose his job for defend such actions and maybe the police should follow the laws. I am tired of crouption in our goverment and police force enough is ENOUGH.


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