Government orders zoo to stop sending chimp on bike spraying disinfectant

After a video went viral on social media, featuring a chimpanzee wearing a surgical mask riding a bicycle and spraying disinfectant during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government in Bangkok intervened and demanded the zoo immediately cease the apparent animal cruelty.

According to the Daily Mail, Varawuth Silpa-archa,  Thailand’s environment minister, went to the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo and demanded the owner stop making the six-year-old chimpanzee ride a bike and spraying the disinfectant. The video drew complaints from around the world of the dangers to the chimp. The facility has a long history of documented mistreatment and abuse.

“Animal rights group PETA described the treatment as ‘heartbreaking’ and said the zoo was a ‘hell hole’.

Spokesman Nirali Shah said: ‘Places like Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo are hellholes where animals like this chimpanzee endure miserable lives in captivity every single day.

‘They’re routinely mistreated, and know little more than chains. When they’re not used for human ‘entertainment’, they’re held in cramped cages.'”

The owner of the zoo stated the chimp enjoyed riding the bicycle, and so he attached the spray to it, however all of the acts were ordered to be cancelled immediately in fear of harming the animals.

Thailand has so far declared 2,643 coronavirus cases and 43 deaths. The country has enforced strict requirements on businesses, closing of schools, banning passenger flights and curfews.

Check out the video:  (make sure to note the little chimp chained)

Video: Viral Press

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