Golfers in Hilton Head beat 2-pound baby opossum with clubs

On Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, the Wildlife Rehab of Greenville believes a helpless baby opossum was beaten by golfers with their clubs on a golf course. The cruel act left the baby blind with a broken jaw.

The opossum has been named Scarlett and weighs just two-pounds. She was rescued on Wednesday the day she was injured.

“Scarlett is in the care of a trained rehabber at this time and is receiving excellent medical care. We expect a lengthy recovery period. We have reported the event with DNR and have contacted the golf course. We have no authority as wildlife rehabbers. We trust DNR to investigate further.
This event should not reflect on the golf course or the city of Hilton Head. This act is the sole responsibility of the sick person or persons who attacked this baby.
We appreciate all your support and well wishes for Scarlett and our other patients.”

The disturbing incident has been reported to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources who have confirmed the organization has received numerous calls about the opossum. They have not been able to locate any witnesses. The name of the golf course has not been made public.

Anyone who does have direct knowledge or other relevant information to please come forward and contact the toll-free Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-800-922-5431 or via text message using the SCDNR TIPS mobile app.

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