German shepherd allegedly abused by youth returned to family

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A disturbing viral video of a youngster holding a German shepherd up by the dog’s rear legs and forcing him into a corner had been seized as a potential case of animal cruelty. The Houston youngster’s cruel treatment of the dog was caught on video and quickly went viral late last week.

The video showed the child pushing the shepherd named Bella into the corner, choking her, spitting into her face and screaming at her while slapping and pushing her. To Bella’s credit, the dog endured the mistreatment without a growl or any kind of protective behavior.

The dog was removed from the home and an investigation commenced.

On Monday morning, Constable Wayne Thompson announced the dog had been returned to the family:

“Over the course of the last several days we have been inundated with various forms of communications regarding this social media video. We have extensively reviewed and investigated this case as with all cases. For those of you that are familiar with us, we work tirelessly to protect our pets and animals.

As previously stated, our investigation included sending both our animal crimes investigator and his supervisor (both are extremely experienced in animal cruelty cases and criminal investigations) to the home. At that time, family members were interviewed, the dog was checked and a review of the home was completed. Furthermore, other family members were contacted and interviewed via phone. Additionally, this case involves two juveniles and as such, we are limited in what we can release regarding juveniles. All of those that we interviewed were cooperative with our investigation.”

During the time Bella was in custody, she was examined by two veterinarians.

“… The exam was complete and thorough to include a physical exam and blood work. The results of the exams did not reveal any abuse, injuries, illnesses, wounds, etc. The reviewing Veterinarians concluded that Bella was in “ideal condition”.

Our investigators relayed all of our reports and findings to the DA’s Office this last Friday for their review. Based on the totality of our investigation, findings and medical reports, our Judge has declined to sign a seizure order at this time. As such, Bella is in the care of her owners.

Again, the case is under review by the DA’s Office. A referral has been made to Children’s protective Service (CPS) for review.”

In addition, Constable Thompson repeated that reports of two other animals (a cat and another dog) believed to have been in the same household were not present at the time of the home inspection and were not part of this particular family.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Fort Bend Constable’s Office Pct 3, Animal Crimes Unit at 281.238.1430.

To report animal cruelty, abuse, neglect or abandonment, please visit or 832.927-PAWS.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    If that kid were mine, he would be in counseling so fast, his head would spin…..

    Serial killers get their start by abusing animals. Counseling this kid might prevent future animal abuse and/or future human murders……

    If this kid persists in abusing animals, perhaps institutionalization might be the solution. As sad and awful as it is to have to institutionalize someone, it might be necessary…… some people are “broken beyond repair”……..

  2. Jan Barnes says:



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