Frightened pony impaled on fence after nasty teens chased it

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At the Brinsley Animal Rescue Center in Nottingham, United Kingdom, a group of nasty teenagers frightened a pony and cows in a field on Tuesday night. The pony became so frightened he attempted to jump a fence and didn’t make it – severely injuring his leg.

After the teens were told to leave the field, the youths turned around and videoed the break-in and later posted the disturbing situation on TikTok.

According to the rescue organization, their fundraiser has been cancelled because of the coronavirus, and now has to pay to repair their fence and administer medical treatment to the pony named Jet.

“Really big thank to the big group of mindless youths that trespassed in our fields tonight and chased the ponies and cows and then caused one of the ponies to get so frightened he tried to leap over the fence and got tangled up in the netting.”

Jet’s leg injures were very deep and is being treated.

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support and donations since the incident on Tuesday night. The main thing is that Jet the pony is okay and a lot less jumpy today. He’s now let us pick his feet up and the worst gash was deep into his digital cushion of his foot which we are now able to bathe. We had the vet out yesterday but Jet was still jumpy and didn’t really want to be inspected by anyone. It’s a bit of a set back for this handsome boy but we’re sure he’s going to come back to his fabulous self. I did some work with him this morning and he was eager to please, attentive and picked up all four feet amazingly. Great news. The story however is not over and I am really, really hopeful that we have some more news on this over the weekend…………….until then, big thanks. #rescuepony #ponyrescue #dartmoorpony #equinerescue #equinerehabilitation #equinerehab #connectiontraining #brinsleyanimalrescue

Posted by Brinsley Animal Rescue on Thursday, May 28, 2020

The organization is asking the teens to do something useful for society; repair the fencing and pay the vet bills for the pony.

“I guess it’s only money and with all our fundraisers cancelled it doesn’t matter to you as you were just having a bit of drunken fun,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page.

When we shouted at you to get out of the field for your own safety why did you then choose to film US?

Sometimes we just give up trying to understand society and idiots like this…”

Officers from Nottinghamshire Police are asking for more information.

“At least one young person involved has been identified and we will be speaking to him and his parents as part of our investigation. Anyone else identified as being present can also expect a visit from the police. ‘I would encourage anyone with information to report it to us through the proper channels by calling 101, quoting incident number 229 of 28 May 2020,'” the police reported.

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