Four-month-old puppy savagely beaten by owner in Florida

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Ivy recovering from her first surgery

A four-month-old puppy in Central Florida was savagely beaten and abused by her owner before being rescued by Metta Rescue Family, a local 501c3 rescue specializing in medically needy dogs.

Thankfully, a courageous and caring family member came forward for Ivy by contacting the rescue about the severely injured pup.

Although Metta Rescue was not in a financial position to take on more medically needy animals, they could not turn their backs on this puppy who had suffered so much pain at the hands of the person who was supposed to care for her.

When Ivy arrived at Metta Rescue on August 26, 2020 her little body told a story of extreme suffering and abuse. She had multiple broken bones throughout her body affecting three of her four legs. She also had bruising, a fractured pelvis, scarring on her skull and evidence of old wounds and fractures, proving she had been abused her entire short time on earth.

Ivy went to the care of a foster who took Ivy to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine for an orthopedic evaluation. Estimated cost to help Ivy and heal all her fractures was between $5200-$7000.

Unable to walk on three of her four legs, Ivy underwent her first surgical procedure which lasted five hours. Her body was showing signs of stress during the procedure, so the right femoral head surgery has been postponed for 3-4 weeks. The pelvis fracture will heal on its own with strict rest.

The next step will be to x-ray Ivy’s legs to ensure the pins holding her bones together are in place and she is healing correctly.  This will also determine if she is ready to have a surgery on her third leg/hip.

Thanks to donors and supporters, the first surgery was completed successfully. The upcoming procedures and surgery will be between $2500-$3000.The surgeries must take place before Ivy’s bones heal improperly. Continued recovery will include frequent bandage changes, follow up x-rays, restricted activity, and physical therapy. Post-surgical and long-term plans are for Ivy to have full usage of all four legs.

Watch Ivy’s heartwarming video here.

Poor Ivy has endured more pain and suffering in just four months than most people experience in a lifetime. Imagine the horror and terror she experienced with daily beatings, hoping someone would come to help her, yet unable to call for help herself.

Unfortunately, her abuser will not be charged because his girlfriend, who was the eyewitness, would not provide a statement.

It was truly a miracle Ivy was rescued and sent to Mettta Rescue Family.  Their mission in dog rescue is to help the less fortunate such as the abused, neglected, and abandoned. To be a part of Ivy’s healing journey, donations can be made through any of the below options:

PayPal direct:

PayPal email: [email protected]

Venmo: @MettaRescueFamily

Cash App: METTARescue

Mailing: Metta Rescue Family, Inc. 3415 W. Lake Mary Blvd. PO Box 950259 Lake Mary, FL 32795

All donations will be used for Ivy’s follow up care and future surgeries.

To be part of the miraculous life-changing work Metta Rescue Family does to save the lives of homeless, injured and abused dogs from Central Florida  shelters visit their website or their Facebook page.

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