Food deliverers stop to help dog fatally injured on road by hit and run driver

In the Malaysian city of Subang Jaya, a young man delivering food stopped his motorcycle on the highway to help a fatally dog after witnessing a hit and run accident involving the dog and a large vehicle.

According to the social media page of the Food Panda delivery person, the person who hit the dog never bothered to stop. Fortunately, a few other Food Panda riders also stopped to help. The man tried to call an ambulance for the dog that was still alive, but no one showed up, and the dog died.

The dog had been wearing a collar which included a phone number. The rescuers called the owner who told them the dog had run away when the gate had accidentally been opened. His eyes welled up in tears – having been with the dog since it was a puppy.

“We put the dog into a guni sack and I saw the dog had a collar with a phone number. I called the owner. When the owner came he fking cried man. Really wish there was something we can do but he’s gone. The dog ran away apparently because the gate was loose,” the delivery person wrote on his Facebook page.

The Food Panda person who stopped to help the dog wrote that the irresponsible driver not only caused pain to the dog, to the dog’s owner, but also cost the delivery men to lose their income. The other drivers who stopped to help however stated “money is temporary in this life.”

Rest in peace poor pooch. And to the driver of the vehicle who just left after hitting someone’s beloved pet – be a responsible adult. Look at the pain you caused.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Thank you to the men who stopped to help this precious treasure and stayed with him to comfort him.

    Precious treasure, I absolutely know that you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

    As for the hit and run driver, they will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty.

  2. Jan Barnes says:




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