Find Fisher: Family devastated after Boston terrier went missing

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A two-year-old friendly and very affectionate Boston terrier named Fisher has been missing for two weeks, and his family is devastated. During the July 4 holiday weekend, the family of Elissa DeMaria Battista arrived in Ocean City, Maryland to enjoy a relaxing week at the beach.

In the morning hours of July 4, Fisher learned how to open the door; suddenly he was gone. He was last known to be wearing a Voyager harness for his leash and a blue and yellow Petco bandana. The dog was not wearing a collar at the time, but he is microchipped.

The family has contacted the Ocean City Police, fire, beach patrols, the postal service, Scopes, lifeguards, hung posters and even made a local television appearance hoping to find their very important family member. They also arranged to bring in a professional dog tracker in addition to making continuous trips in their cars, on foot and on bike.

“Two weeks without our best friend. Two weeks without being followed by our little shadow. Two weeks without Fisher,” Elissa posted on a Facebook page Find Fisher.

Please continue to spread the word and share everywhere. The family needs to #findfisher. They miss him so much and their hearts hurt thinking he may still be lost or with someone else. Sharing saves lives.

Please, if you have him, no questions asked; just return him to his family. Bring him to your nearest animal control/shelter and leave them with the family’s contact info. If you see a neighbor who suddenly has a “new” pet that resembles Fisher, get a picture and send to us. We aren’t angry. We just miss our boy.

Call 929-249-0655 with ANY information. No lead is a bad lead. We appreciate the support via their go fund me ( and the messages of solidarity.

Let’s bring Fishypuppy home to Louise!

Peace, Love, Dogs

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  1. FISHER WAS FOUND! He was reunited wiht his family on April 20, 2021 – 290 days after he went missing. Everyone is ecstatic!
    Inexpressible gratitude to all the people on social media that kept his story out there for others to see. Special thanks to Mr. Horn who found Fisher wandering his neighborhood in Baltimore and took the time to post a picture on a lost pet web page! it triggered a chain reaction and within in a few short hours, everyone was connected and the reunion was under way!
    NEVER lose hope! Always keep looking and always watch out for pets that need to be reunited!


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