Elderly dog surrendered

Family kept some dogs, but surrendered 15 and 20 year old dogs

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Two elderly dogs are homeless today after their family opted to keep some dogs, but surrender the seniors to a shelter in North Carolina. An advocate shares the plight of the senior dogs, writing:

I was contacted by the Carteret Co NC shelter…they try so hard to find homes and rescues for the animals that come into their care.

They have a 15 yr old labby girl and her 20 yr old friend that had been surrendered…in fact AC was called to come get the dogs…and these people still have small dogs they kept, but it was time for the old dogs to go….so sad.

Sharing additional information about the elderly duo:

Any room for a really old girl? Just to give her a little love at the end… Audrey is reported to be 15….she definitely has arthritis and walks stiffly. I would assume she has never had any meds to help her with this issue. She also has a tumor on the back leg, and some skin tags. Amazingly, she is negative for heart worms.
The owners report Audrey is good with other dogs, animals and kids. She is around 60 lbs.

She was surrendered with her 20 year old friend Bobo…he looks like a small lab golden mix…maybe around 40 lbs. He is also heartworm neg. He does not look 20 so who knows what age he really is….he is very cute.
These two friends were the outside dogs…and now have been thrown away…


Anyone interested in learning more about these homeless seniors is encouraged to contact the animal shelter:

Contact info is
Carteret Co Animal Shelter
853 Hibbs Road
Newport, NC 28570
(252) 247-7744

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3 replies
  1. Laurette says:

    Are they bonded pair? Will the shelter try and place them together?
    Please contact senior rescue groups to save them

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    If I was in that area, (I live in Seattle) I would foster these precious treasures in a heartbeat. They would get lots of snuggles to reassure them that the world is OK!!!
 My husband and I specifically adopt older animals. Senior pets are fantastic companions and show their love every chance they have…… But sadly, I don’t think we are in the “majority” of adopters…..
    The POS family has reserved spaces in Hell waiting for them where they will burn forever for their cruelty to their senior furbabies…….
    Do people really think there is a long line of potential adopters for elderly furbabies???
    I hope a local adopter or rescue can open their heart and home for these precious treasures!!!
It is heartbreaking to think of seniors being euthanized when they should be with their family…… to me, the worst fate is to be euthanized alone, afraid, in pain and unloved…….


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