Exhausted dog stuck in 12-foot pit at Memphis meat processing plant

On Wednesday a stray pooch became stuck in a 12-foot deep pit at a Memphis meat processing plant. Trapped under a large drill bit used to process animal parts, no one knows how he got there or how long he had been trapped.

According to Memphis Animal Services, the reddish-brown mixed breed, now dubbed McGregor, was rescued by two officers, Amanda Sutter and Ashley Hunter. Dressed in protective gear, the officers descended into the pit filled with animal remains and found the dog. Now the problem was to get him out of the pit.

“Usually in a rescue like this, the dog can help pull himself out once the process gets started,” one of the officers stated, but sadly the pup was too tired.

The plant staff dropped dry wood down into the pit to help the officers get some stability. The dog was too far back and stuck he couldn’t be reached easily. Officer Sutter stretched enough to loop a six-foot control pole around the dog’s neck, and the officers looped another one while holding onto the ladder.

 Officer Sutter pulled 68-lb McGregor up with the other hand far enough for Officer Hunley to pull him up the remaining way.

The video shows one exhausted pup – slimy and very scared.

Check out the video:


Since arriving at Memphis Animal Services, McGregor has had several baths and is snuggled up feeling much better. Veterinarians diagnosed him with heartworms, but that condition is treatable. He is available for adoption.

Many thanks to the officers at the Memphis Animal Services for their bravery and compassion. To donate, foster or adopt, more information is available here.

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