Exhausted and mangled, dog limps right up to shelter’s front door

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In Opelousas, Louisiana, a small mixed-breed dog exhausted, mangled and scared beyond belief, limped through the gate of the St. Landry Animal Rescue on Thursday afternoon and slowly headed right to the front door as if to say:

“Is this my resting place? Can you help me?”

The dog’s condition was shocking. It is not known if someone deliberately strapped fireworks to her, and she chewed her mangled leg off, or if she had been struck by a car, shot or caught in some kind of horrible trap. it didn’t matter; all the possible causes for the dog’s egregious injuries left everyone at the shelter sickened and disgusted. Who could imagine the pain the dog had endured – and for how long?

Now named Cassidy, she was quickly transported to the emergency veterinarian hospital on Thursday evening. Cassidy is believed to be a Corgi/Border Collie “Corllie.” What a sweet dog she is.

“Cassidy has arrived at Bellevue….Dr Laura is attending her wounds asap.
She needs wound cleaning, xrays, and IV support (antibiotics) NOW…
We race the clock, in care…We are so thankful for the emergency care Bellevue provides our pets and the pets of St Landry Parish…
Cassidy is a trooper, never loses the smile on her face!
God is Good…When in doubt REACH OUT!”

Cassidy has undergone x-rays and will be administered proper care. She has a micro chip although the owner’s number is not active. Please share her story – the owner is reported living in Opelousas. Maybe her owner has been looking for her? Maybe she just doesn’t know what happened to her beautiful dog?

Updates to follow.

To help:

PayPal to [email protected]
Or call Bellevue in morning at 337-942-7126
Thank you all, S.A.M.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest animal related news.

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