Dozens of dogs and cats seized from squalid conditions in Jonesville

More than 37 dogs and five cats housed in filthy kennels and cages with little ventilation and no air-conditioning in Jonesville, Lousiana were removed on Saturday by the Director of the Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter, Stacey Alleman.

Photographs posted on social media over the weekend showed the squalid conditions at the Catahoula Urban Tails Animal Shelter in Catahoula Parish. Earlier in the year the Humane Society of Louisiana had received complaints about the rescue, however claims to the contrary seemingly dismissed the allegations. It wasn’t until the photos appeared, proving the true conditions of the facility and the abject failure for providing adequate care for the animals.

“Most of the dogs were emaciated; one could barely stand. Three puppies later died after being removed from the building. Two of the puppies tested positive for parvo. Their temperatures were 104-105 degrees on the day that they were removed, and they never recovered,” wrote Jeff Dorson, Executive Director at Humane Society of Louisiana on Facebook.

“The rescued dogs and puppies were covered in their own waste. Dr. Hudspeth is the founder and director of this charity. Jeannie McDuff was her shelter manager. Both should have known what was taking place. In fact, Dr. Hudspeth’s private veterinary practice is only a short walking distance from the shelter. The evidence collected indicates that animals were chronically neglected and suffered greatly as a result. We are grateful to the witnesses who came forward and to NovaStar Rescue, ( headquartered in Dover, Arkansas, for relentlessly pursuing the truth in this matter. We also thank Stacey Alleman for housing and treating the survivors.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC will be taking some of the dogs; tragically the two parvo infected puppies to be transported to the rescue organization died.

Update : Jo19 Jo20. May and Matt (as per

Pointe Coupee Parish Animal Services

“Our smallest 2 pups each arrived with body temp between 104-105. After cool ice packs and time we hoped we had won part of the battle. They staring eating tiny meals.
Yesterday they tested positive for parvo (still eating and drinking). Today we found them nestled together; their lil bodies no longer able to hold LIFE…. together they passed quietly in the night.
Freedom was short termed. PCPAS”

Anyone with more information on this case, please contact

Follow the stories of the survivors here.

More updates to follow.

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Peace, Love, Dogs

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