Dog zippered in suitcase and tossed off cliff rescued by joggers

A dog cruelly zippered into a suitcase and tossed off a cliff in an Etobicoke park on Saturday ended up as one lucky pooch. Joggers who had been running in Lambton Park spotted the suitcase move for a moment and could hear muffled dog sounds inside.

“They could hear a dog inside. They could tell the suitcase was thrown down the hill above where they found it,” the Black Dog Rescue from Toronto posted on Facebook.

“After climbing up the hill they were able to follow the suitcase’s drag marks 200m. It led them to the back of Lambton Arena’s parking lot. The person who did this may have come from the nearby apartment complexes or drove to the arena’s parking lot get rid of her.”

When they opened the bag, they found the hungry female dog. It was clear the dog had recently given birth to puppies. The area where she was found is not used much at this time of year. The weather has been warmer than usual or she could have frozen to death. The dog had no identification nor was she microchipped.

Toronto Animal Services has been caring for the dog. An investigation is underway. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Toronto police. Surely this dog deserves better – no one should be allowed to get away with such blatant animal cruelty. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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(Photo screenshot via Fort Worth Star Telegram)

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