Dog who refused to fight abandoned and abused by owner

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On Wednesday evening, Oscar arrived in Sherman Oaks, California at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. In a series of abusive and inhumane acts of cruelty, his owner who trained dogs to fight, tried everything to teach Oscar to fight, but ultimately, because of the dog’s gentle nature, no amount of training could turn him into a fighting dog.

Tragically, in the egregious world of dog fighting, those who refuse to comply are either abandoned, tortured or killed. Oscar apparently became a bait dog – one used for practice while training the dogs to fight. When he was no longer useful, his owner burned him and covered his body in a purple dye.

At the beginning of the week, Oscar’s video went viral; volunteers had just rescued him and brought him to a veterinarian for medical care. At the animal hospital, the staff removed the dye and found skin sores across his body along with a number of burn marks.

“Last night he arrived at our Foundation, is currently being evaluated by a vet but is expected to make a full recovery. He seems very gentle and sweet. Scared given the circumstances, and once ready will be placed up for adoption…”

Check out the brief video:

Posted by The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    I sure hope this demon spawned THUG finds their way out of the evil they intentionally embrace. Their eternal destiny will be a GREAT DEAL WORSE than anything this monster put GOD’S BELOVED dog through. SMH, he probably thinks he’s beyond any punishment, pathetic really. Here’s the real head turner…..the ONLY people who prop him up are FULLY capable of TURNING on and TORTURING this SAME thug far worse than the dogs they fight, over a few bucks or a crappy bag of weed. Astounding!


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