Dog trapped under collapsed concrete floor

In Shepton Mallet, Somerset, a male dog chasing small animals wiggled himself into a precarious situation on Saturday. As he tried to burrow under the floor of the backyard shed, the concrete floor collapsed.

According to the Happy Landings Animal Shelter and Search and Scan Somerset, rescuers were called to the scene and quickly realized the situation was critical; the weight of the collapsed floor had been hindering the dog’s breathing.

In what the rescue described as “one of the most intense rescues in a while,” they were able to lift up the concrete floor while others pulled the dog to safety.

“What a night!!! Had a call to say this little guy was underground under a shed stuck with a concrete slab floor on top of him. So out we went armed with a pick axe and a crow bar. When we got there we realised how bad the situation was so called the fire brigade. But he was making awful noises at this point and looking like he couldnt breathe properly. So nick tried to lift the concrete floor. As he did a paw moved and then he knew he couldn’t put it down. But the concrete was on top of him wedging his pelvis and pulling him wasn’t moving him. But as the little monkey tried to claw his way out nick found some unknown adrenaline and strength and managed to move the whole thing up higher so he could just be pulled free. Thankfully rescuing him before the fire crew were needed so we could call them off, but so grateful they agreed to assist. We think he dug underneath hunting small animals and the floor collapsed a bit. Certainly one of the most intense rescues in a while.”

The rescued pooch is still sore but is expected to fully recover. This dog seems to have a history of getting himself into dangerous situations – his last mischievous and poorly planned adventure cost him losing an eye.

For now the pup is back with his family and hopefully not gearing up for another mishap. Isn’t it only cats who get nine lives?

(Photos Happy Landings Animal Shelter Facebook)

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