A lifetime of severe neglect

Dog taken in after a lifetime of extreme neglect

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An ailing and injured dog is finally receiving love and care following a lifetime of extreme neglect. The dog, dubbed Linus, was found earlier this week. Janice Wolf, with Rocky Ridge Refuge, writes:

This horribly neglected boy showed up at a house in Central Arkansas a few days ago. The finder thinks he was hit by a car yesterday also because he is limping badly now. He is emaciated, full of fleas and ticks and weak and anemic. Infected eyes for sure and labored breathing.

After Linus was taken to a veterinarian, the full extent of his suffering was revealed. Wolf writes:

this boy has suffered a long time with numerous health issues, ALL caused by cruel, extreme neglect! Sadly, my initial concern is true; he has severe heartworm disease. His heart is enlarged with a grade 4 murmur and his belly has free fluid in it, known as ascites. He is quite anemic, with other poor blood values related to this heartworm and starvation. He has a bad bladder infection with an enlarged Prostate. As was obvious, his eyes have been severely damaged by the long neglect of his Entropion and he has maybe 20% vision at most. His injured foot has been splinted for a fracture from being hit by a car the day before we got him. His muscles are seriously atrophied, adding to my suspicion he was chained somewhere all these years with very little ability to move much at all. He is about 6 years old and weighs 28 lbs.

Linus may not survive, but he now stands a chance of feeling better thanks to the care he is receiving. Wolf outlines the path moving forward:

His chance of surviving heartworm treatment is about 50/50. Of course, he must be in much better shape first , so the plan is to continue the nutrition program, treat the urinary infection and start a few of the preliminary meds in anticipation of future heartworm treatment. His cheerful attitude, and good appetite make trying to save him the only reasonable path right now. He is not ‘suffering’ now and the most uncomfortable issues (the foot injury and bladder infection) can heal soon and be done with. I have ointment for his eyes to make them feel better, although he seems to not even register the irritation anymore that has left them so scarred. I don’t think he has ever known a comfortable or kind day in his life

Linus has endured a horrific life, but he is now safe, comfortable and loved. Please follow Linus on his journey at this link to Rocky Ridge Refuge on Facebook.

(Images via Janice Wolf)

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