Dog left on side of road with bite wounds and exposed leg bones

A dog left on the side of a road in Flint, Michigan had to have been in the worst condition rescue volunteers had ever seen. On Sunday morning, Rebel Dogs Detroit rushed out to help; the dog suffered from multiple bite wounds all over his body, his mouth was torn open and the bones on his legs were exposed.

Check out his video:

His rescuers named him Mandu, and despite the dog’s egregious injuries and the immense pain he had been enduring, all he wanted was love and some gentle words. How many people walked or drove by him while he stood on the side of the road?

At the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital, doctors are not sure if Mandu will be able to keep his leg. For now, the veterinarian is attempting to pull out the infection with wet and dry bandages, with the hope enough new skin can be prompted to grow and eventually be enough to stitch up the wound. If not, he will have to have his leg amputated.

In addition, the other wounds on his body are being treated. The dog is emaciated, and it is not known if he has a blockage in his stomach after a corn cob was found in his feces. More testing will follow in a few days.

No doubt, Mandu has a long road to recovery, and it is not expected to be an easy one. On Monday’s update, more complications were found.

“This sweet boy has been winning over all of the vet staff! After a thorough cleaning and examination of his wounds yesterday, they determined that there is exposed bone on both of his back legs. This is extremely upsetting because if the legs don’t heal, he’s running the risk of double amputation.”

For now, it will be a waiting game in the emergency room for Mandu;  doctors are hopeful new skin growth will occur over the exposed bones on his legs. One leg is much worse than the other. We can only hope for the best for this wonderful dog.

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Updates to continue.

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