Dog discovered with legs strapped together and glue poured into his ears

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The Humane Society of Tulsa received a call from the Creek County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday asking for help with an abandoned dog left in a field; his back legs had been strapped together and was unable to move. A woman in the area had left him food and water.

“Not only was he dumped in a field with his back legs STRAPPED together, GLUE (yes glue) had been poured into his ears and then fast food wrappers had been shoved into the ears and stuck into the glue. One ear canal is so bad it looks like he will need surgery,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page.

“Some type of chemical had been dumped on his face/ears and it appears his ears have been partially burned or cut off.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, his xrays showed a BB Lodged inside of him, so he’d been shot at with a BB gun too.”

Rescue workers rushed him to the VCA Woodland Central Animal Hospital where veterinarians removed the glue from the dog’s ear and treated him with ointments and creams. He was named Atlas, and from the moment a rescuer picked him up, he warmed up to everyone as soon as he figured there are good people in the world trying to help.

Atlas will need constant care for the next few months and may be required to see specialists or need additional surgeries.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, Humane Society of TulsaIke’s Chili and Erik and Jane Haworth together have posted a reward of $10,000 leading to the arrest and prosecution of the individual(s) responsible for the abuse of Atlas. Contact the Creek County Sheriff’s Office at 918-224-4964 if you know anything about this case.

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