Despicable owner shot dog in face because he was ‘too happy’

Hikers in Greece found a seven-month-old puppy tied to a tree and left for dead. The pup had been shot in the face by his despicable owner. The man had claimed his dog was “too happy” and that kind of canine personality annoyed him.

The Good Samaritans brought the ailing puppy to Save A Greek Stray. Although the pup was near death with a huge wound in his face, the rescue stepped up to the challenge. Dubbed Ice, the pooch underwent multiple operations to repair the hole in his face. For four months, the pup healed and recuperated.

And even though Ice had a great personality, he remained at the shelter – no one seemed to want to adopt him. When at last nearly a year later, the good news hit, it was a family from the United Kingdom who offered to give Ice a home. Surely this has been a happily ever after story.

If only all strays and unwanted pets could be this lucky.

Check out the video:

An update from his new family:

Hi everyone. To all who have followed Ice’s story. Just to update you, we are his proud mum and dad. Ice is doing very well, he loves to play with his springer spaniel brother. He’s loves his chews, treats and bones to gnaw on. He’s putting steady weight on and has plenty of excises down the beach and at the park. He’s making friends with other doggies everyday. He is defiantly a daddy’s dog!!! Thank you to everyone for your kinda comments. With much love to all and to the wonderful work Save the Greek strays do.”

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  1. Humboldt Granny says:

    We have a “too happy” pup and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. And I truly mean that. We got her at the county shelter when she was about 10 months old. She had been found by the highway patrol, running down our rural freeway. As we walked into the kennel area, she was the first one we saw. She was jumping and letting out this high pitched happy squeal. We took her out to the “meet and greet” area so she could meet our 9 year old pug. Though she ran and ran and jumped and jumped, our old pug didn’t seem to mind. In fact the pug ran a bit with her. We asked to see how she would be with a cat. No problem. So we filled out the papers, paid for her spaying (happily) and, a week later, we picked her up. We stopped at our daughter’s on the way home and she and our daughter’s pups got along great! Lucy is my baby. She will be 2 (using her “gotcha” date) in 2 months. I love her joy in life. She is always able to make me smile. I am so very happy we found her there.


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