Puppy in the bed of a truck in freezing weather

Concerned good Samaritans called police after finding pup tethered in bed of truck

Good Samaritans in Rome, New York, contacted the police after finding a young puppy tethered in the bed of a parked truck, amidst frigid temperatures. Kira Myers posted an image of the puppy to Facebook on January 18, and it quickly went viral.

The remainder of the story, which was published on Big Frog 104, reveals that the responding State Trooper was able to locate the puppy’s owners, but indicated that what they did was not legal, despite single digit temperatures. The owners, 18-year-old Matt Capoccetta and his girlfriend Brittany, claim that they left the pup for just 5 to 10 minutes, but Myers says that it was at least a half hour.

Myers tells Big Frog 104:

“When we asked the owners about the dog, we were told ‘it’s an animal, it’s fine.’ I even offered to pay them to take the dog.”

Capoccetta is angry that he is on the receiving end of widespread hatred because of the photos posted to Myers’ Facebook page – she explains that she posted the photos to give the puppy a voice, telling Big Frog:

Animals have lives too. They feel pain just the same. I just believe they’re lives have to be defended just the same as humans.”

(Image via Facebook/Myers)

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