City wants family’s dog euthanized, even though dog didn’t attack anyone or anything

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The city of Casper, Wyoming, is trying to order the death of a family’s dog. The dog, named King, was involved in an incident in August which was troubling, but not (to most dog lovers) enough to justify his death.

First, to explain the troubling situation…King and two other dogs escaped from his home when a woman walked by with her child and a dog. The dogs ran to the woman, who panicked. As described by a petition, the woman screamed, picked up her dog, and began kicking at the three dogs. One of the dogs, a female, got into a “tussle” with the Corgi. However, the smaller dog was only minorly injured and has since recovered completely.

Two of the dogs were allowed to go home, but King, who did not attack the smaller dog, has been turned over to the Metro animal shelter and the city wants him to be euthanized because of his behavior on the day of the incident. What was the behavior? King was circling the woman and her dog – conduct, according to one judge, indicative of “predatory” behavior.

Video taken of King shows a dog who is happy and adoring of his people – a dog, who given the proper training and safety protocols at home, should be given the opportunity to live.

Read more about this case at the link to King’s petition here.

Fundraiser link here.

Story and video of King on social media here.

You can help by writing to:

Judge Hand
Judge Cally
[email redacted]
City Attorney307-235-7503

Steve Freel, Mayor Ward III -Term expires 1/3/23
Mailing Address: 200 N David, Casper WY, 82601
[email redacted]
(307) 259-1276

Khrystyn Lutz, Vice Mayor Ward I -Term expires 1/3/23
Mailing Address: 200 N. David Street, 82601
[email redacted]
(307) 359-3673

Kenneth Bates, Councilmember Ward II – Term expires 1/5/21





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4 replies
    • Gina Whelan says:

      Thank you so much for publishing this! King is my family’s beloved four legged family member and he is loved and missed by my daughter, son in law and grandkids! Their hearts are broken! My heart is broken! I truly appreciate this and you Penny for the story. I TRULY HOPE KING IS SAVED! Please share and sign the petition to help save King! He does NOT deserve to die! He belongs home with his family!

  1. Sarah says:

    According to the testimony, on August 16, 2020 a female resident was walking her leashed 11-year old Corgi dog accompanied by her 14-year-old son and four-year old daughter. As the family crossed to the north side of Dahlia Street at the intersection of Paradise Drive, the family turned west toward their residence, which was five to six houses away. The woman and her son heard barking from a house located at 11 Dahlia, directly across the street. Seconds later a large male pit bull followed by two female pit bulls broke through a secure window screen at the front of 11 Dahlia and surrounded the Corgi dog. Within seconds, all three pit bulls began a violent assault upon the Corgi. One female pit bull sunk her teeth into the neck of the Corgi while the other female pit bull latched onto the Corgi’s throat. Puncture wounds later found on the stomach area of the Corgi dog were attributed to the male pit bull, which Judge Handed later observed was the instigator of the breakout and attack.

    The attack continued for several minutes as the 14-year old boy attempted to pry open the jaws of the female pit bulls and received minor bites and scratches. The next door neighbor, upon hearing the screams of a child, raced from his backyard to see what was happening. The neighbor testified that when he first saw the ongoing attach, the two female pit bulls held opposite parts of the Corgi dog’s body in their jowls and appeared to be “stretching him” in opposite directions like a “tug-toy.” The neighbor grabbed the collars of the female pit-bulls and lifted them both between his arms with the Corgi lifted off the ground also. The neighbor twisted the leg of one of the pit-bulls to elicit the release of the Corgi.

    The owner’s genuinely astonished that his 3 pit bulls, which mauled a dog and bit a child without provocation while off his property after breaking down a window screen to get out of his house, faced greater penalties than a small fine. He does not seem to grasp that it’s not humane to own dogs that attempt to kill other people’s pet dogs.

    The city released photographs of the Corgi’s wounds. They are severe bite wounds.


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