Chicago woman found mauled by her own dogs and it wasn’t a French bulldog

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A Chicago woman was found mauled to death in her home last Saturday by at least one of her three dogs. Lisa Urso, 52, died from injuries inflicted to her arms, legs and torso.

According to the National Post, Urso was found deceased on her back porch. Dr. Howard Cooper, the Lake County Coroner, could not determine which dog attacked the woman.

“It wasn’t the neck, most (bites) were on her legs and arms. Some on her torso as well. Just a lot of bites. A lot of scratching,” stated Dr. Cooper.

Urso owned two Shorty bullies and a border collie. A Shorty bull is not a French bulldog. According to the ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) website, a Shorty bull is a variation of the American bully and is considered a “designer bull breed” made up of five different types of bull breeds including the French bulldog and American pit bull terrier. These dog were bred to be watchdogs.

For more clarification, the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue stated:

“We are aware of the newspaper articles about the woman who died after being attacked by her dogs in Illinois. We want to clear up and share the facts with our supporters- she owned two shorty bulls -one of which had several biting incidents that the local authorities were aware of and had taken that dog from her and was returned to her ownership. She used to own a frenchie who had passed before this incident happened. We are not sure why the newspapers are showing an old photo of her with her frenchie who had passed before the incident happened, nor why they are saying she was killed by her French Bulldog. Below is a picture of the two shorty bulls that were in her ownership at the time of the incident.”

Reports have disclosed that one of the Shorty bullies, Blue Bear had attacked Urso’s boyfriend twice in the previous month; one of the bites had been severe. The dog was taken to Lake County Animal Care and Control each time where he was held on a required quarantine. After each bite incident, the dog was returned to Lisa upon her request. It is more than likely Blue Bear initiated the attack, although no one can confirm what occurred.

The white Shorty had blood on his coat, but it is not known if he participated in the attack. The senior dog was not involved. firmly dispels media headlines stating a  “French bulldog perpetrating this attack.”

There is also no factual information to prove Blue Bear had been a fighting dog nor rumors he had been mistreated at anytime. The dog had no visible scars or shredded ears – all too common byproducts of having been a fighting dog. In fact, all the dogs seemed healthy.

“Urso’s older Facebook page shows that she did previously own a French bulldog. At some point in late 2018, Urso changed course and acquired two Shorty bulls, a brindle male, named Blue Bear, and a white male, named Rocco. The male border collie-mix, named Spike, was about 15-years old,” Dogsbite org stated.

All three dogs are currently being cared for at a shelter. The two dogs, which haven’t shown signs of violence, will be offered to Urso’s family, or put up for adoption. Blue Bear is expected to be humanely euthanized.

All in all, a terrible tragedy for both humans and dogs. Rest in peace.

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3 replies
  1. barbara says:

    why, would her dog out of the blue attack her? Is, it possible something happened to her and the dogs were trying to help or awaken her? it is my understanding from the article that the dog had bitten her boyfriend recently.. but, being bitten and a mauled are two very different matters. i find it shocking that a dog would do this to someone who loves and takes care of it.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    The whole story sounds strange, nobody heard or saw anything? Boyfriend bitten, I would say maybe the dog was protecting the woman. I’m so glad Dogsbite org is handling this. We know for sure these dogs don’t stand a chance!


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