Charges filed against couple seen in video torturing puppy in car

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A couple have been charged with torturing a puppy in a moving car in Uttar Pradesh’s capital of Lucknow in India. On Thursday, the couple denied it was them and are alleging people made a fake video to frame them.

According to NDTV, the video showed a brown and white puppy pinned to the floor of the front passenger seat of a moving vehicle. A woman could be seen repeatedly kicking the puppy as it cried out in fright and pain. The woman’s pointy blue shoe was visible pressing on the puppy’s neck – the puppy then screeches out in pain.

“It’s biting,” the woman is heard on the video telling the man driving.

“Don’t do that, it is biting you,” the man responds.

“That’s why I’m doing it,” the woman stated.

The disturbing video has been circulating on Facebook when angered animal lovers reported it to authorities. Officers are investigating. There has been no update on the puppy.

The accused couple issued a statement later that day stating they had been framed and were shocked at the allegations as well as the video. They claim the woman’s profile had been hacked months ago, and since then someone malicious had made the video.

(Screenshot via NDTV photo)

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    I’ve noticed that there are VERY few comments these days. Guess others got tired of being censured after putting time in to thoughtful responses. People GET EMOTIONAL over these things and that WILL come out when you invite them to comment. Censuring OUR emotions does NOTHING but shut us up. Happy now?

    • Jan Barnes says:

      All I can say is that Pet Rescue Report has become my lifeline. I can express my feelings and feel I have a voice on issues that are vitally important to me. Also, Pet Rescue Report directs me
      to the most serious areas of need so I can donate to help. If comments are down, it is probably related to the pandemic and the other problems facing the entire nation. I am sincerely hoping that people will keep commenting. Although it is often painful to read many of the issues, how else can we help without commenting and networking? Thank you all!

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