Celebrity animal activist accused of staging dog slaughterhouse videos

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A Los Angeles animal activist has been accused of staging egregious dog killings in slaughterhouse videos in Indonesia, Cambodia and other places in Asia. Marc Ching, the founder of Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, allegedly paid a butcher to stage the burning of a dog for a video.

According to the Los Angeles Times,  an investigation has found evidence that contradicts Ching’s claims about the shocking videos and his rescue efforts. The footage came from a 2016 trip to Asia. Butchers were captured in the videos while Ching had been at a market in Tomohon, Indonesia asking to purchase dog meat.

Video footage appears to back up claims that Ching had orchestrated one dog being shown hanging from a rope and another dog being burned to death. The camera showed the dog being tied up with a noose and then slowly torched to death. While the camera was running, the butcher looked into the camera and gave a thumbs up asking, “This is exactly what you want right?” That same butcher stated Ching was smiling and laughing, and when he walked away, he left the dog meat.

Marthen Wondang, the butcher at the Tomohon market, said Ching  purchased four dogs at a very high price and asked that they be killed in particular ways, including torching one alive, while he recorded video.

Ching has categorically denied the allegations, and on his Facebook page stated:

“There are some people who state that the torture of dogs does not happen within the dog meat trade. While many push others to believe those things – it is a fact dogs are tortured for food in Asia. Not in every region, not in every place, but it happens and is widespread throughout the industry.
Documenting these things, and what happens behind closed doors creates awareness which helps to end it. Just as investigators go into factory farms to document the inhumane animal agriculture practices living beings suffer through. Our Foundation has done the same in regards to dogs.
It is strange how when people see the suffering of a dog, that it is that pain which hurts more then the suffering of say a pig or a sheep. No animal wants to die, and denying that these atrocities occur, or attempting to spread information contrary helps the slaughter of these animals to continue.
The dog in this video was blowtorched alive. His skin charcoaled and burnt showing his agony, where you can still hear him crying. The video was taken by someone in China, and shared online by activists. One of thousands of videos documented by other groups showing the reality and truth in the dog meat trade.
The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is only weeks away.”

The charity board said it has launched an investigation, but so far the organization’s attorney has stated there is no evidence that Ching “ever staged the burning of any dogs or ever knowingly or intentionally contributed to the harm of any animals.

“The notion that Mr. Ching paid these butchers to burn and torture the dogs is sick, twisted fantasy,” the organization’s attorney Russell M. Selmont stated.

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  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I am in shock after reading this article AND the LATimes article. TBH, I have no idea what to think…….
    I am withholding my opinion until I find out more information about this from reputable reporting sources…….


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