Breeder dog with broken legs dumped in the middle of ‘nowhere left to die’

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Meet Anabelle; she was found by Animal Control on Wednesday in rural Anson County, North Carolina. The shelter believes she had been dumped in the middle of “nowhere and left to die” – dumped in an area where no one was ever expected to have found her.

Anabelle’s tragic, heartbreaking story will make you want to cry, but at the same time your heart will be lifted as Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC hurried to her aid. When asked it they could help, co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan said there was no way they could turn their backs.

“To make matters worse, both of her front legs were broken at some point and she appears to have been used for breeding. She has had a litter recently. They believe her front legs were intentionally broken so could be a breeding machine and unable to escape…”


No one knows how long Anabelle has only been able to drag herself along. The breaks in her front legs are not recent; they had been broken at the wrists. Who could even imagine the pain this dog had to endure and for what reason? She also had a old break on one of her back legs.

And as if those injuries weren’t bad enough, veterinarians also discovered the dog’s teeth had either been filed down or pulled out. She was covered in old scars and when found infested with fleas and ticks.

“She was dumped where no one was supposed to find her. We believe she is just 3-4 years old and only 31 pounds. This dog has not been just abused – she has been tortured…” Jackie wrote on the organization’s Facebook page.

And as is so often the disposition of the tortured pet – all Anabelle wants is to be loved; she smiles all the time.

Anabelle will need multiple, complicated orthopedic surgeries and has a guarded prognosis.

Video: (This is Anabelle on Saturday morning)

“She is getting lots of loves at our SC vet & we have been busy behind the scenes putting a treatment plan together for her. This is a very complicated orthopedic case & our goal, as always, is to give Anabelle the best quality of life. She deserves nothing less. As of today, it looks like Anabelle will be heading to MD for an orthopedic consult & her surgeries. There is a wonderful surgeon there who has helped a couple other tough RDR dogs & we are told he has agreed to take on Anabelle’s case. Not only will she require multiple surgeries, but there is also extensive rehabilitation to go along with that. But she deserves this! She deserves to walk & get the life back that she was robbed of. Her life was cruelly & brutally taken from her but we will do everything in our power to give it back to her. How this dog still smiles & wags her tail after enduring such horrific torture is beyond us. She is such an inspiration.”

 Her surgeries and rehab are expected to top $10,000. To donate: or
or checks to:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
New York, NY 10028

Venmo @rescuedogsrockny

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