Bobcat kitten found with blow dart lodged in her eye

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In Frisco, Texas a bobcat kitten was found with a blow dart lodged in her eye. And now one surgical procedure later, it is hoped the adorable kitten will be able to be released back into the wild when she fully recovers.

Miracle continues to improve every day, although there is a high probability that she will have to undergo another surgery on her eye to remove scar tissue which is now interfering with her vision. Unless her vision is corrected to nearly perfect, she would have no chance surviving in the wild.
According to the Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center where the kitten now named Miracle is recovering, the assault occurred just before Christmas. A witnesses in the area had seen the kitten uninjured earlier in the day with her mother and other kittens. Another kitten was discovered shot in the leg.

The five-inch dart was removed, and Miracle seems to be doing quite well. An update posted on  the organization’s Facebook page stated:

“Jobin Panicker spent the afternoon with Miracle. She was, of course, her testy self, but even this long after her story began, we were thrilled to have the chance to raise further awareness. Bobcats are NOT scary animals! They will not hurt you or your children OR pets under normal circumstances. There are thousands of bobcats in North Texas. If they were truly dangerous, it would be all over the web. It is not. PLEASE BE KIND TO URBAN BOBCATS. They may borrow your yard for a few days. But they are only there to eat a few mice, rats & rabbits. They’ll leave when the food source dries up. We will post the news story after it airs for those who do not have access.”

Police are asking for the public’s help finding the person(s) responsible for this animal cruelty. The rescue is offering a $1,250 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction.

Sadly, bobcats seem to be misunderstood animals. They will not hurt you or pets under normal conditions. They mainly hunt for mice, rats and rabbits. Leave them alone and just marvel at their beauty and independence. Humans don’t need to kill any animal they don’t understand.

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