Black Labrador dragged behind speeding truck going 60 mph

In Kenshaw County, South Carolina, a black Labrador retriever was dragged behind a speeding truck estimated to be traveling at 60 miles per hour. Witnesses say they had been driving behind the truck when they thought they saw a black trash bag tied to the end of a rope. When the motorist got closer, she realized it was a dog.

According to the Low County Lab Rescue, witnesses honked at the truck to pull over. The driver cut the rope and left, but later told authorities he left to get medical supplies. By the time the deputy arrived, the driver had returned with towels and water to render aid.

“There was a trail of blood behind the car and when they stopped Onyx had basically lost her chest down, the underside of her skin was completely gone, the tops of all four of her feet were down to bone and tendon.”

Kenshaw County Humane Society picked the dog up and rushed him to a veterinarian for immediate emergency care. Low Country Lab Rescue, the organization who has stepped forward to help Onyx, transferred him to Mount Pleasant for ongoing treatment.

Although the dog is one of the most seriously injured the rescue has ever seen, Onyx has been making a remarkable recovery.

Just off the phone with the ICU at Veterinary Specialty Care – SC (they completely rock BTW!!). Onyx has had 2 HBOT treatments. She’s eating and wagging her tail this morning so MUCH IMPROVED!!

Her back feet are badly damaged so she
can’t walk, but she is sitting up and wagging when people walk by her cage. She has a urinary catheter so she doesn’t have to try to walk outside to potty.
the HBOT treatments help her back feet heal quickly.

Plan is to sedate her again later this evening for a bandage change and get a good look at how her wounds are progressing.

Onyx has a looonnngg road ahead of her, but we’ll take a wagging tail as a little win!!”

There have been multiple offers to adopt Onyx when she recovers. It is not known if the driver will be charged; investigators say they need to interview more witnesses.

Follow this pup’s recovery here.

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