BC Wildlife park struggles to afford food for animals during shut down

Wildlife park struggling financially during shut down
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A wildlife park in Kamloops, British Columbia, is struggling to find the funds to pay for the animals in its care during the Covid-19 mandated shut down. As reported by CFJC Today, the BC Wildlife Park relied heavily on funds from park visitors, but now those funds have disappeared.

Staff has been furloughed from the park in an effort to reduce costs, but the non-profit organization is still “bleeding” financially. According to the news agency, it costs $10,000 per month just to feed the park animals.

Wildlife park GM Glenn Grant said:

We need the funds to keep going and pay the bills. I know there are a few programs we can defer our bills, but they’re going to catch up with us later on. If anybody felt like donating to the wildlife park in the past, now’s a really good time to do so, to help us out financially to get through until we’re open again.”

Grant expressed hope that things might open up and give the park a fighting chance:

“If we can open up to the point where we can allow people to walk around the park and still have restrictions to keep social distancing and take-out food from the cafe, that’ll substantially help with some revenue, at least to cover the cost to a break-even point.”

Interested in helping? Find the park’s website here and consider making a financial donation.

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