15 French bulldog puppies due to be shipped back to Jordan will stay in the U.S.

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In a special announcement which put smiles on thousands of animal lovers on Friday, a local animal rescue group reached an agreement with federal authorities allowing 15 French bulldog puppies found in a warehouse at O’Hare International Airport to remain in the United States.

According to the rescue group, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, the sick puppies were scheduled to be returned to their point of origin on Monday. The organization  has been caring for the puppies after they were discovered by  a truckdriver with no food or water, and defied a court order out of concern for the dogs’ “health and welfare” and refused to take them to the airport to be boarded on a plane for an extended flight.

The dogs have been nursed back to health and the Centers for Disease Control demanded the deportation of the puppies on Royal Jordanian Airlines back to Jordan. On Friday the puppies were deemed safe and allowed to remain in the United States:

“…Congressman Mike Quigley and his staff, who fought tirelessly and with sincere passion for these dogs and who is committed to effecting real change. Upon the shoulders of Senator Tammy Duckworth and her staff, who shared our anger and resolve and advocated on our behalf to push the parties involved to do what was right. To PAWS Chicago, our unwavering partner without whom we would not be here today, the 100,00 people who signed the petition, our CFBR volunteers, the ASPCA, Tinsley Mortimer,Scott Kluth,Louise Linton, Social Compassion in Legislation, Jan Schakowsky, Max Frankel, Meredith Festa, Doug Hyman, John Cerney and Hazel Danahey confirmed the puppies could remain in the United States.”

In an agreement between the rescue group, the CDC and the Department of Agriculture, the puppies will be quarantined for the next few weeks at a PAWS Chicago facility. After their quarantine period, they will be moved to foster homes for treatment and training.

In order to secure full custody and ownership of the dogs it was necessary for Chicago French Bulldog rescue to assume all of the costs and liabilities associated with the puppies’ past and future care.

To make a donation to these costs, please visit our website at: https://www.frenchieporvous.org

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    The rescue group had invested over $45k in saving these dogs. After all this money was invested in saving these dogs, it’s absolutely equitable that these dogs be turned over to the rescue group for rehoming.

    Had they been returned to the original shipper, they most likely would have been euthanized….. And, the rescue group would have invested all that money for nothing……

    I am very glad that these precious little treasures can stay in the USA and be rehomed into loving furever families……

  2. Jan Barnes says:




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