10 dogs died from heat stroke inside of transport truck after ‘equipment failure’

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Ten dogs entrusted to the care of a Tennessee transport company died from heat stroke following “equipment failure” on the vehicle. The Cookeville-based company, P.E.T.S. LLC released information about the tragedy on Sunday, writing:

The entire team at P.E.T.S. LLC is devasted to report the loss of 10 of our dogs. This weekend has been and continues to be incredibly difficult for all of us. Thank you to our supporters who have been understanding while we process what happened from a professional and a personal perspective.


At some point after midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning, one of the areas where dogs stay overnight lost air conditioning and we were not alerted. While we were able to get emergency medical care for many of our dogs, ten dogs suffered from heatstroke.

Rescuers who have utilized the transport company have expressed anger and dismay that the dogs were not supervised by someone 24/7, and grief over the devastating loss. One woman, involved with the rescue effort to save a dog named Hayden, turned to social media to express her sadness and frustration:

Why isn’t someone with them 24/7 when enroute? This is a must – they should never be alone – they are in crates and helpless. Any number of things can happen when unattended. It is stated on their webpage that they have beds to sleep with our fur babies. This is a very reputable transport company; in business over a decade and have saved close to a million dogs I’m told; but someone did not follow the protocols and obviously any back up plan in place is inadequate or I wouldn’t be making this post about this tragedy.


As reputable as they might be and with so many dogs they saved, the plan in place was not fail-proof – obviously. Demand the put someone in place with those dogs – always. Once is one too many – I’m sorry but Hayden and the others can’t be recovered 👇. She never made it home. And we are allowed to be hurt and angry; we loved her.

The transport company shared their own words of loss, writing:

It was incredibly difficult for us to share this tragic update, but we know that you all care as deeply about these dogs as we do. Again, thank you to for your understanding and support as we work to get through this unbelievable tragedy. We will provide updates as we are able.

The incident is being investigated. Rest in peace to all who did not make it.

(Stock image of dog via Pixabay free images)

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am sick inside for those precious treasures who perished due to BIG TIME human failure…… precious treasures, your lives mattered and I hope you get justice. Someone was quite negligent with your health, safety & welfare…….

    I know all of you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

  2. Jan Barnes says:



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