Zaine update: Dog struck by a vehicle and left to die at cemetery

In another miraculous rescue on Friday, Zaine had been the fifth dog in one week hit by a car that Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  saved.  When a Good Samaritan found the dog after he had been struck by a vehicle and left to die at a cemetery near McAllen, Texas, the woman insisted upon waiting until help arrived.

“Look at Zaine’s mangled leg,” co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  Stacey Silverstein posted on the organization’s social media page.  “We were asked to help ZAINE and we could not just leave him there to die. He most definitely has a broken leg and we don’t know if his jaw is broken as well.

This is the fifth dog we have taken this week alone who has been hit by a car.”

On Sunday, Zaine’s condition was updated after he received emergency medical treatment. He has a fractured maxilla, a broken femur and hip luxation which  will require surgery. More updates to follow. To DONATE:

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