Youth accused of shooting ducks with blow darts

Ducks shot with blowdarts
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According to authorities in South Carolina,  a young person is behind a recent string of animal cruelty incidents which left ducks with blow darts through their body. As reported by ABC News 4, the juvenile (not publicly identified) has been charged in connection with the two injured ducks which were found with blow darts through their necks.

On March 22, the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue issued a Facebook post about the break in the case:

Thanks to our efforts/ offer of a reward and the SC DNR a suspect has been identified in the dart duck case. We cant release any other information at this time as law enforcement is still investigating.

As reported by ABC News, the juvenile’s parents have been contacted and the issue will be handled in family court. Further investigation is underway to determine if other minors were involved.

The victimized ducks have not yet been captured for treatment – amazingly, despite having a dart through their necks, the ducks are doing okay. For the time being…the ducks are at risk of succumbing to infection and are more likely to be attacked by a predator because of their injuries. Efforts are underway to capture the ducks.

(Image via Carolina Waterfowl Rescue FB page)

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  1. Please tell me why a “youth” is allowed to have a blow dart in the first place? It’s lucky they weren’t out shooting them at their human friends, or is that what it will take to get the “family court” to do something about it? I hope the parents are very proud of their off spring.


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