Young fox got his head stuck in lid of trash can

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As school opened at the Saracens High School in Northwest London late last week, teachers and staff found an unexpected visitor on campus – and he needed help. A young fox, somehow got his head stuck in the lid of a trash can.

According to the RSPCA, the fox was completely stuck and could not pull his head out, and as people gathered around to see him, he looked very confused and frightened.

“He’d managed to put his head through the hole in the lid of the bin, but then couldn’t get out. He was really scared, poor thing,” Mariam Adwan, an animal officer with the RSPCA stated in a press release.

The task to free the little bandit wasn’t to be an easy rescue. He was stuck tightly inside of the lid, and the only way to free him would be to cut him out of the lid. And so with a hacksaw – carefully protecting the fox from the blade, the lid was sliced open allowing the fox to escape.

Adwan rushed the fox to the veterinarian for an examination to be sure he hadn’t been injured, and when he was given the thumbs up for being healthy, he was released in the same area he had been trapped.

Students and faculty had previously spotted the animal’s family on school grounds and were confident the little guy was able to reunite with his siblings.

(Photos of young fox via RSPCA)

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